We help Design & Install Storage Projects

Something has happened. People are dusting off their machinery and product is being made in the U.S.? It was all a matter of time. Are you planning to reorganize your production flow or move to a new location as a consolidation or expansion.? Indoff has trained professionals that help survey your prospective buildings.

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Material Handling is ready to be part of your team.

Let us

  • Learn your needs.
  • Assist you in creating an efficient design for workspace and warehouse.
  • Work with your department heads to determine the product that suits you best.
  • Assist you with the information that is required for you to determine the capitalization and budget plan for your project
  • Assist you with a finance plan that will meet your budget now, and assure that your facility will be ready for the future.
  • Work with our structural engineers to prepare design plans, structural calculations and determine what is necessary to meet local government requirements. Indoff understands Fire Codes, Hazardous Materials handling, OSHA regulations and your Local Seismic Requirements.
  • Provide top quality product that best meets your needs from our broad supplier base.
  • Project manage the implementation of your project, so that you can continue being profitable with your time.
  • Be a key part of your success plan for the future.

Please contact Indoff by e-mail or phone and let us get you started on the right foot.