Watch Your Flu Space and Exits in Racked Areas

By Michael Patino on 2011-02-16 02:10:04 -

January 1st 2011,  brough about some minor refinements that will effect the positioning of product in confined High Pile Rack areas. Six inch flue space must be maintained in all racked areas; if you are moving or setting up a new pallet rack area. If your pallets are over hanging to within 6" of the wall, you will now need to assure appropriate flu space between pallets even when the rack is against the wall.  A good rule of thumb would be to allow for 3" of overhang plus an additional 6",  I recommend that my clients start their pallet rack at least 12" off of the wall.  In some cases with higher capacity rack you may need to go 18" off the wall.

Please check out this document...

High Pile Combustible Storage

for a quick view of things that you should be aware of.  This document has some excellent diagrams that may be of assistance in determining the best way to have the proper flu space.

Guideline G-09  was published by the OCFA to guide you through high pile storage. The new version should be published during the first quarter of this year.

NOTE: Each local jurisdiction interprets fire code differently.  We recommend that you check with your local fire authority to determine the actual requirement for that jurisdiction.