What Difference Does the Anchor Make?

By Michael Patino on 2011-03-28 01:50:57 -

It used to be that an anchor was an anchor.  In some states where there is low risk of seismic activity that may still be true. In those areas that require conformance to Uniform Building Code (UBC) or ICC's International Building Code (IBC), the results of the structural engineer's report will determine the brand, size and depth of the anchoring that is required.

Anchors are required to be tested with results approved by the ICC prior to being approved for use for permitted jobs. The conditions of these tests are stringent and for that reason deputy inspections are required by an approved deputy inspection firm. 

The engineer's calculations will state the number of anchors to be used, the accepted brand(s), the size and depth required. See the example of a detail drawing below.Anchoring Detail